Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Football, Ronaldo Named Fifa Player of the year

Manchester United's winger, Cristiano Ronaldo again won another major award after winning the Ballond or, and the FifPro World Footballer of the Year as Manchester beat Chelsea 3-0 at Old Trafford. Other big name players such as Liverpool's Fernando Torres, AC Milan's Kaka, and Barcelona's Lionel Messi were also hopefuls for the award. Last Season, Ronaldo scored 42 goals.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4 November US election

130 million Americans are expected to vote, the highest since 1960. The first town to open its polls was Dixville Notch, in the state of New Hampshire. The town traditionally was the first to open its polls in America since 1960 and Mr. Barack Obama won to John Mcain with 15 votes against six. For the first time since 1968, the town voted for a democratic candidate. Mr. Obama's polls rose to 52% and John Mcain's at 46%. Despite the polls, Mcain feels confident that he will win. However, Obama is popular among young people.

Another question is will Americans vote for Mcain just because of Obama's ethnic background?
Or will American's not vote for Obama because he is young?
I think Obama could be one of the greatest presidents of America and it will be good for the world.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Robot Troops, Is it going to be star wars?

According to this article, the US army is developing a robot that can be remote controlled using a camera, and joystick. They are planning to deploy the robot against insurgents in Iraq. The robot can be fitted with a machine gun, and is equipped with zoom, electronic aim, and can travell over large obstacles. The robot is worth $200 000.
What do you think about this technology??

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Holidays

This year was a fantastic holiday.
Zanzibar was amazing and I visited the spice farm. I learned alot of new things while on holiday. On the way back, the waves were large and the boat was rocking very hard. I made a fool out of myself by standing at the back where I got splashed with water. My friend dared me to stay at the back. The only thing was that the water was salty, so I wore my sunglasses. In the end I broke them and my friend made me the biggest idiot. I will have to think twice if anyone dares me!!!
On the way to Dubai
The flight from Dar to Dubai was easy and it took only five hours. After that I spent 2 hours at the airport. At the airport I went through the duty free shops and two hours went very quickly.
The flight from Dubai to London was very long and tiring.
I have two aunts in the UK with 3 kids each. That comes to six cousins. My older aunt lives in Leicester, and my younger aunt is in London.When I arrived at London, even in the summer it was cold. My uncle and aunt were very pleased to meet me. They had come to Iringa 14 years ago. Two of my cousins are in London older than me and are in university. One is twelve years old. On the first day we stayed only for a few hours before going to Leicester to my older aunt, which is 200km north of London.
I was so exhausted that the only thing I could do was sleep. I met three of my older cousins who are all married. The exciting thing was that I visited twin lakes where there was large fun fare with rides on the roller coaster, slides, bumper boats. This made me feel as if I was very young again. There my mothers and sisters did a lot of shopping.
London was very exciting and we visited Buckingham palace, and other tourist attractions such as Hyde Park, Thames etc.
My youngest cousin liked copying Arnold Swazzchhniger and he would come up with phrases such as 'who is your daddy, and what does he do' or 'you lack discipline'
On the way back, I stayed in Dubai for three days with my family. We went in a desert safari in 47C. Riding a camel was scary and when it got up, I wasn't ready and I almost fell off.
This was the holiday that I will never forget in my life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bush In Tanzania

Will Bush's visit help or cause problems in Tanzania? What do you think??

Monday, February 11, 2008

Corruption Again

Tanzania, a country with numerous resources, gold, diamonds, precious gems, coal, oil, natural gas, parks.
Why are most of the people living in poverty?


Once again a contract with a briefcase company, Richmond, made the prices of electricity soar up making the citizens suffer. TANESCO (Tanzania Electric Supply Company Ltd) signed a contract with Richmond about 3 years ago to counter power shortages when there was no water in Mtera. It sent Richmond approximately 152 000 000 Tshs/ day for about 2 years(apart from a huge sum of money paid after the contract was signed) which they are still sending 'to follow the contract'. Former PM Edward Lowassa and a few other corrupt cabinet ministers were paid to choose Richmond from the other companies according to a report from an investigation team, led by MP Harrison of Kyela(Kyela region South of Tanzania, close to Lake Nyasa). MP Harrison and his colleagues were brave and they received threats from supposedly government officials when they were investigating the contract. Lowassa, then sent a letter to President Kikwete asking for resignation which was accepted. The big questions are,
Will the money be retrieved?
Will Lowassa and other corrupt govt. officials be put to justice?
What do you think would have happened if Lowassa has not resigned?
Please send a response.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Free Press

I was surfing on Majid Mjengwa's blog and came across an article (http://mjengwa.blogspot.com/2008/01/habari-ya-tindikali-imevuka-mipaka-ya.html) about the attacks on a news editor and a journalist of Mwana Halisi newspaper. The newspaper is known for criticizing the government about corruption. The editor, Saed Kubenea and journalist Ndimara Tegambwage were attacked by three men with machetes and a chemical. Kubenea was cut but a machete and acid was splashed into his eyes and will be taken to India to be treated.

This has made me angry because it is the journalist's job to report the truth. Journalists should be protected. If one disagrees with something in the newspaper, they should argue back. I believe whoever carried out the attacks wanted to make journalists be fearful on reporting the truth. I believe in press freedom because everyone has rights to information. For more on press freedom visit www.cpj.org.